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it is an old design compared to say glock were you just pull on the pin with spring instead of pin coming out. it was a little hard first time i field stripped one.
The 1911 as designed can be detail-stripped...slide and frame, starting with a fully assembled less than a minute, or a little over a minute-30 using the gun's own parts as tools. My personal record is 42 seconds, using an AR-15 firing pin for a takedown/reassembly tool. My average time is around 54 seconds.

Field strip takes me 10-12 seconds with old, stiff hands and tired eyes.

the military did replace prob. for reasons i mentioned. caliber and capacity?
The main reason was that they wanted...or were pretty much forced into...caliber commonality with their NATO allies. That and the fact that the bulk of their inventory was worn out and Beretta submitted the lowest bid on the new contract.
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