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Picher's #22 probably correct for a firearm with a right hand twist --- for a left hand twist, the vertical direction would be opposite.
I'm not a expert on the subject of wind deflection, so if I make any mistakes --- please correct me.
Wind deflection is based on a arc. A bullet...that is affected by the wind as it first leaves the muzzle, will have a greater horizontal arc deflection on the bullet, than a bullet that is affected by a wind downrange. At very long distances...wind will have a much greater horizontal arc deflection effect on bullets downrange; as the bullet slows down.

Besides wind flags, mirages, wind meters, wavy trees and flying leaves --- I'am trying {for 22 rimfire} to dope the wind speed and the way the wind hits my face or neck --- in a way that I can determine wind speed and direction, so I can instantly correct holdover's --- a steady wind helps.

David Tubb... has an excellent book on wind deflection --- along with other shooting accuracy tips.

Tubb...focuses his spotting scope, ten yards short of the target --- so he can read wind mirages.

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