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IDPA stands for International Defensive Pistol Association.
The whole idea, at least originally, was to use your HD/SD pistol and gain skills with it.

If you won't use this on your nightstand or for CC purposes, it really kinda defeats the purpose. IMO.
This pistol is for IDPA but also would be considered a "bad day at black rock" pistol. It has the same pull as our slightly tweeked FS 92 and the Wife's Storm she has for CC. So it fits that category.

Update: I went with a Burwell trigger job (3.5 lbs) which is iline with the Apex kit I was looking at. Just came back last week and I love it. While its not up a good 1911's crispness it definitely is much much better, and I hioghly recommend it. The pull is perfect for me and length of pull is pretty short (not sure of the technical name for it). Anything lighter and I'd be afraid to shoot it without extensive practice and never ina defensive need. I am a happy camper.
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