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Not cobranding with anyone IS neutral.
Cobranding with ANYone is neutral.
Excluding one and not the other is not neutral.
You don't REQUIRE cobranding with both sides to be neutral. If Remington is interested and Brady isn't, WWP could still take Remington and be neutral. That's the Brady's decision, not WWP.
If the Brady's are interested and Remington isn't, they could cobrand with the Bradys and still be neutral.
They don't have to SEEK both sides, they have to accept them if they come.
Specifically denying one and not the other is a preference, non-neutral.
If they have no statement at all, the reasonable assumption is neutrality. If they specifically include both/all sides, it assumes neutrality. If they specifically exclude both/all sides, it assumes neutrality.
The only way to NOT be neutral is to specifically disassociate with one group and not the other.
WWP has done the only thing, the ONLY thing, that is expressly NOT neutral.
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