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Heres the supreme court decision on one such case.
The pistol was a double action revolver rather than single action, but the defendent cocked the hammer in single action mode.

Pointing the gun at a man advancing on the defendent with a weapon while shouting death threats was no problem, that was clearly self defense.
They convicted him because he had cocked the pistol and a near miss from a passing car startled him causing his finger to twitch on the trigger.

As for "he should not have put his finger on the trigger. The man who was shot was advancing shouting death threats and brandishing a weapon, "there is no calm reflection in the face of an upraised knife".

That link is of course not a document. Its a reproduction of a document.
The text tells of certain testimony, but does not give any documentation to prove anything said about the revolver and only recounts testimony rather than acting as a transcript.
It does not include an autopsy report, nor is any forensic evidence or crime scene photographs included.

Had these records been sealed they would not be found on the internet.

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