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.22 for IDPA practice ?

trying to talk myself into buying a M&P 22 for IDPA practice but handled one today and the trigger had about 3/8 inch pre travel. I have a M&P 9 but with a Apex trigger kit in it so the triggers are worlds apart. I also have a Buckmark but converted it to optics and it has a long barrel. Great for Streel but doubt it will help my IDPA times. I am also considering a Buckmark with target irons and a 4 inch barrel. Not really sure that would help me all that much though. Other thoughts were a Colt or SIG 1911 in .22

I figure if I make some practice targets at 1/2 or 1/4 size that would make of good practice in the draw, target acquisition and transition. I have piddled with IDPA, ICORE and Steel a bit but never anything more than a occasional match for fun. I will never be a serious competitor but would like to sharpen my skills a bit. I won't have the money for anything until January so no big rush. Any thoughts from those who have more experience at this sort of thing would be welcome.
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