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They are asking for SERIOUS commitment for the

buyers to practice, here.

If you really want a good look at what to have for survival, find an old 1960's Herter's catalog and see what was recommended back then. really hasn;t change.

For a sidearm if you haven't owned, shoot before, get good revovler simple to use and maintain.
shotgun: Use what in your house or can handle the recoil
rifle: [smallbore] any good quality .22LR, be it GrandDad's Win 1906, to a Marlin single shot or any lever action.
[largebore] any problems with a 30/30 here? Either in a Win/Marlin lever action, or a Rem Model 788 or Savage 340. The last two are bolt actions, allowing non-flat nose bullets to be use.

For bartering, bricks of .22 can be doled out, per box for other needs.
also, any tobacco products and slat for meat curing will be worth more.
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