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No, the DA/SA trigger is the same every time out.

First shot is a long DA pull between 8-10 pound usually.
Then there is a transition which is the same every time.
Second shot is a shorter travel SA pull between 4-5.5 pounds usually.
***Others would argue the diffference is not at all consistent. Saying it is only means you're typing that it is. Its opinion only.

These things always happen in this sequence, so it is consistent and can be trained for that way if one is not lazy.
***Birth and death usually happen in this sequence too, that doesn't mean a whole lot. Why the personal note on the "lazy?" You're making this personal. I could as easily say anyone who's not carrying cocked and locked with a 1911 are being lazy (and unsafe). Each person is different and there's plenty of models for anyone.

Complaining about the DA/SA trigger is a lot like complaining about the possibility of "forgetting" the 1911's thumb safety.
***Which is a real possibility. I've seen grey haired competitors with years of experience glitch on that. Some may not trust it. Others may believe its the only truly safe way to go and that all DA'ers are cookoo.

Both are mere training issues.
***NO. They are personal preferences and physical differences.
My wife has short fingers. Pulling the DA portion of an DA/SA is difficult for my wife. Indeed I have problems with such on the 92 (much less so on a Storm though).
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