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Since its a 686 can't be Nickel ( unless its been refinished, which would be odd... ) ...all the 686's are stainless....

Condition is everything its hard to generalize, but in my area the demand on 4" ( 66's, or 686's is pretty high )....$ 500 - $600 is not out of the question, depending on the engineering dash number .. ( if its a dash 5 - or even later / then the market is soft on that gun because it has MIM parts in it / and probably the internal frame lock). So if its a dash 5 or'd be lucky to get a buyer at $350 in my area / with most buyers just passing on it ...for an earlier model.

Dash 2's thru 4's are preferred in the market right now on the model 686's ...but in those dash ranges, a 4" is pretty easy to sell - in excellent condition / as long as its a 6 shot version ...the market is also soft on the 7 shot versions out there that was introduced in late 1995 / 1996 ....

So it really depends on what you've got it stainless or Nickel ...what engineering revision is it it a 6 or 7 shot ...???
The general market for S&W revolvers ...even very early ones...especially in .357 mag.....model 19's, 27's, 28's, 66's, 686's not soft in my area ! Demand and prices are up -- especially on model 19's and 27's ( in 4" and Nickel ) my area.
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