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I didn't see any wear that just stood out on the link, but I didn't check it too closely.
You probably won't. It's not a cataclysmic event, and usually does its damage over several hundred rounds.

What do I need to measure/look for?
The nominal pin diameter is .154-.1545 inch. You'll need a micrometer as most calipers aren't accurate enough to give you more than an approximate.
You'll need gauge pins to measure the hole. If you have a full set of twist drills...including lettered and numbered...those can be used, too. Mike the drill rod when you find the one that slips through with light resistance.

To check for stopping on the link...Install the slidestop pin through the frame and link, leaving the arm hanging vertically. Press the muzzle straight back against the edge of a bench or table as far as it will go and hold it firmly. If the slidestop arm will swing freely, it's good. If it gets into a bind...there's a problem.
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