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But I can't seem to find a buyer for a nickel 4" 686.

Just a few months ago, these were $500-600 at shows and on boards. Best offer I've had so far is $350. I'm not going to give it away.

Has anyone else noticed a softening market on revolvers? Might be a good time to buy a few ...
The 686 is a stainless steel gun. If your gun is actually a nickel plated 686 maybe that is part of the problem. A nickel plated 586 is a different matter.

1). What time of the year is it now? Many have a bit less disposable income heading into the Holidays after the expense of buying gifts for others.

2). With a few exceptions used wheelguns tend to sell more slowly than semis. With the stainless steel 686 readily available the nickel plated 586 would appeal more to the fella who wanted a nickel plated gun in particular. There are fewer of those.

3). Try listing the gun in this forum and in others. The S&W forum would be wise.

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