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I would have figured that the Springfield MC Operator would have been built right, considering how much he paid for it.
Anything that's mass-produced is subject to the occasional problem, and most often through tolerance stacking in the wrong direction. A worn, damaged, or bent reamer can wallow a small hole .001 inch oversized pretty easily. In any event, this isn't a major problem, and usually cureable with a 3-dollar oversized pin. Stopping on the link is a different matter. Could be the location of the lower lug...location of the VIS...or location of the pin hole.

I had heard that one should avoid the 8 round magazines from any manufacturer. They drop free fine, the just won't left the slide stop.
Some will. Some won't. I've avoided that particular problem by sticking to 7-round magazines with the standard followers. Upgrading to Wolff 11-pound/7-round springs pretty much solves the problem once and for all.
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