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Ok Everyone who still is watching this thread and has tried to help out.. I cannot thank you enough for your assistance.

I called Dillon Precision today and they resolved the issue in a mattrr of minutes! They walked me through each step and tweaked the machine so that after each step we insured it was locked down. I only had to go a half turn past the touching of the shell plate and then the center resizing and decapping pin needed adjustment as well, it needed to protrudd jusg a quarter inch or so from the bottom of the die. Such a minor thing messed caused so much headache. Enclosed is a picture of a successful dummy round for refernce.

Again, I am very thankful for your help, I learned alot. And I am also very thankful to Dillon Precision for their very patient and thorough customer service. Their product truly are the best and they stand behind it 150%. Needless to say, im a customer for life!!


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