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Personal example of why I don't like the 1911 and a couple of questions.

On Thanksgiving, I went shooting with my brother. I was trying out his M&P 9c in comparison to my trusty old G19.

He suggested that I try out his Springfield MC Operator on the same drills.

- Every time I pulled the gun up from low ready to shoot, I was looking through the back of the slide and I couldn't even see the front sight.

- I had fired one round into the groud as I was bringing the gun up on target because the trigger was so light.

- I the slide wouldn't lock back on a empty magazine about 50% of the time. I figured that I was riding the slide stop.

My brother tried it and the slide would not consistently lock back even with him either.

He took it back off the firing line to take a look at it to see if he could figure out if it was the magazine or something interfering with the slide stop.

Well, he did a basic field strip but in the process, the little pin that keeps the swinging link attached to the barrel, fell out onto the ground, never to be found again. Even with both of us on our hands and knees trying to find it.

So now it is inoperable because a part the size of a half eaten pea fell out during a normal field stripping.

I have only owned one 1911 in my life. That was a Springfield Loaded model back in the late '90s. I don't remember that pin being "loose" on that gun.

Is this normal?

Anything other than the magazine springs being weak that would cause the failure to lock back? The magazine was a Chip McCormick 8 round magazine that he has kept loaded for several years (since he bought it).
I am no longer participating in gun forums.

Good luck.
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