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As some have suggested:

A steel 40S&W (CZ or EAA)
a .44 Magnum or .44 Special (CA Pug or S&W M29)
a nice 10mm 1911 would be a perfect addition to your 1911 collection.

I also don't see anything like an LCP or LCR. They are fun guns and nice to have in case he** freezes over in IL and you can carry. CC is closer than you think in IL tho it's not in the very near future. It was shot down by a narrow margin in the last vote. You will see it in your lifetime.

I know CC is not legal in IL but while mowing your lawn or working in the garage you could easily have one in your pocket (with a proper holster) for "just in case". I lived 55 years in IL. Also, with permission from your bosses at work, you can carry at work as well and be legal. I carried the LCP for 3 years at work before moving to CT. You cannot carry if you travel for work. You can only carry on the work premises.
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