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Update. I ordered a stock magazine latch (Caspian) from Brownell but like the EGW one, it too will not sit flush with the frame and is too tight of a fit. So I'm assuming no matter what I order, including my EGW and this new stock Caspian I just received, will have to be custom fit to my Gold Cup, which I don't know how to do. Both are about .008" too long. The shoulder of the push button side stops against the inside of the frame causing the other end to stick out the same distance. I would have grind off the blued surface or somehow grind down the shoulder but doubt that's the way to go.

Also, the Caspian replacement latch's cam locking pin, the tip that locks the pin into place, or whatever you call it, is too long and sticks out past the latch's housing preventing the latch from being inserted past this point where the pin hits the frame. Taking the pin out, the latch slides in but still will not sit flush and the push button will not depress because it's binding somewhere. Although this is the least of my problems.

Looking at my original mag latch again, I'm now not convinced it's the problem. What I thought was a chipped or worn off surface of my latch is actually the bottom side of the latch where all the friction occurs as it slides into the magazine. The top side of the latch that holds it in place appears normal. I can insert the Caspian latch far enough to determine if it will work and get the same nose dive problem. Am sending both latches back.

Wish I knew of a good 1911 gunsmith around here.

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