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No, actually that doesn't match my own experience with OPSEC. Usually the standing rule is to decline to comment whether it is in use or not. Knowledge of not using something can be just as compromising as knowledge of using something. Declining to comment as a matter of course just helps keep people guessing, not to mention working as great misdirection.

I'm not doubting that Delta might use Glocks. But that comment from Vickers means nothing.
He didn't say no comment to what they use.

He said he couldn't comment on these questions:

Will you share some information on Delta's use of the Glock 22? How did it fare? Why did they try a .40?
To me that meant Delta's use of the G22 was an accepted given in that part of the conversation.

But. I had his other comments and other sources in the back of my mind pertaining to this (some that I listed) so maybe that colored my interpretation of what he said.
I am no longer participating in gun forums.

Good luck.
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