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You answered your own question.

-The Mk9 worked but was too heavy (23 oz).
-The CM/PM weighs in at 14.5 oz.

If you want to pocket carry, the CM/PM will work very well. The Glock weighs what the MK does, and is fat as well.

Don't get me wrong--we both know that Glock builds an excellent firearm. But not all of us find the "Thick as a Brick" easy to conceal...and for pocket carry, any double stack is a non-starter (IME).
I second this statement on the basis of pistol size dimensions. For pocket carry, I would also side with the CM9/PM9 over any glock model.

As for comparing the two pistols for functionality vs. "sexiness" I would first prioritize your CCW's reliability OVER how it looks. Which means that
regardless of the model you choose, definitely get out to shoot more often with it. Figure out which ammo works best through it, how often you should clean it, etc. The more proficient and familiar you are with your CCW is always a plus.
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