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"Blow-out" kits, first-aid....

It's a smart plan to have a small first-aid or "blow-out" kit(a US military/LE term) on you or close by.
Super-storm Sandy & Isaac are recent examples of why it's important to be prepared for serious weather or for accidents, gun-shots, cuts, burns, etc.
You don't need to be a "doomsday prepper" but a few small items can save your life or another person in a critical incident.
I'd get a small nylon or waterproof kit or bag(bright orange, yellow or red so you can quickly see it, even in low-light). Nitrile or latex gloves(I like Nitrile), band aids, EMT/EMS level gear, scissors(or a fixed blade), Quik-Clot bandages for gunshots, medication(if you need it), small bright white light(flashlight), etc can all be fit into a case or kit.
If you are new or lack any formal medical/first responder skills, take a few classes or get a few books/DVDs. Learn how to operate or use a AED too. There may be one close by but no one trained to use it. They are simple & can save lives.
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