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Unclenick, forgive,

I said:
"JRLSH, I can make a gage, again, the 50 BMG is not difficult, the one thing I can not do is use a reloading forum, I need your email address, a phone number would help"

“the one thing I can not do is use a reloading forum” JRLSH ask a question, Bart B.’s answer, to me in my opinion, sounded like deterring the color of a shirt with a yard stick, wrong standard, again, I make gages, I said the 03 chamber length is the easiest, the 50 BMG requires more time and equipment, but there is no excuse for a reloader, smith, machinist for not knowing how it is done, not my job to convenes Bart B. there is something beyond ‘quoting’, quoting is rather shallow if the ‘how’ is left out.

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