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The reason the small Berettas have a break open system is quite simple. It is not to load the first round, that is a nice feature , I guess, the small Berettas don't have an extractor. If you have a round in the chamber and want to unload the gun ( to put it away or what ever ) you can't rack the slide to expel the round in the chamber, you have to unlock the barrel to remove the round. The same with a rare misfire or defective cartridge, you can not rack the slide to remove the round, you must unlock the barrel and remove the round. close the barrel and then rack the slide ( or reach into your pocket for a loose round, insert it into the barrel and then close the barrel, all this while the bad guy is waiting for you finish ). If the gun is clean the round will drop out, if the chamber is dirty, the round must be picked out by hand. Not really a good feature, misfire in .25 ACP and .32 ACP are rare but it does happen. I've owned both the Berettas in .25 and .32, never did like the way they felt in my hand, but that is just me.
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