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This year I switched up guns, I went from using a Savage 110 .243 to a Rossi Circuit Judge in .45 Colt/ .410. I haven't got a deer yet but it being compact and light has made hunting much more easy. It's about an hour walk to my spot, didn't have to shoulder it once and it's much easier getting through the woods. It's a world's difference. I do not have a scope on this gun though, the way the gun feels the sights practically line theirselves up. I believe this to be a perfect short range hunting gun. Bigger but slower bullet compared to the smaller and faster rounds. There's a .44 Magnum version if you want the little extra power. For my .45 Colt version, I use Hornady LeveRevolution ammo. And I've put hundreds of rounds through my gun. For .45s I have used coyboy loads, jacketed soft points and ballistic tips. For .410s I've used 7 shot, 4 shot, pdxi, and 000. Never once has it failed to fire or have any problem of any kind. And there's no issue of lead or gun powder getting past the cylinder shield. And those who say there's accuracy issues with the 3 inch cylinder, I have to say you are wrong. These are amazing guns, just don't expect to shoot no more than around 100 yards.
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