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Mosin Nagant bolt problem

Recently I bought a mosin at my local gunshop, I couldn't resist getting one seeing as they had an entire box of them all for $135. I picked the one that I thought had the smoothest bolt and decent wood. The employee who sold it to me also informed me that it had never been issued, which is a bonus. Anyways, after thoroughly cleaning off the massive amounts of cosmoline, I decided to go test it out in my back yard range. I noticed that ONLY when I feed a round into the chamber, I have a hard time closing the bolt on the round. If there is no round in the chamber, the bolt is as smooth as butter... That's the only problem really, I have no problems with opening the bolt and extracting the round. I know when you close the bolt on a round though, the extractor claw grabs onto the rim of the round, so maybe it's a problem with that? Im not sure. Any ideas on what might be causing this and how I can fix it?
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