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Although you stated your preference for autoloaders you also said wheel guns aren't out of the question. I didn't see a single action revolver in your collection, so that's a posibility. Either a full on Colt SAA clone like a Uberti, or Cimarron, or a more modernized variant from Ruger. A Ruger Blackhawk in 357/38 would have the advantage of adjustable sights, but a Vaquero has the more traditional look, and feel similar to a Single Action Army.
Another handgun I have found to be a lot of fun is the Thompson Center Contender. Although I have a couple of "hand cannon" sized barrels in 35 Remington, and 45-70, I also have a 22 LR match barrel, and 223 Remington. I'm not sure of the restrictive laws in The Peoples Republic of Illinois, but a Contender may also make it possible to add more caliber options without as much hassle by just buying more barrels. A warning about the T/C pistols though. Barrel wishes, and purchases tend to get a bit addictive!
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