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This post really hits home for me. Back in 1987 I was a firefighter and we were fighting a fire at a clubhouse out in the woods. The owner was on site and informed us thet he had ammunition and gun powder in there so we took the necessary precautions. Needless to say he did not mention that there was also a loaded .270 under the bed. Long story short.......I was 25 feet from the building on the outside applying water to the structure when the rifle went off, went through the exterior wall and hit me just above the left knee. Lost four inches of my femur, knee cap, etc. Nearly bled to death being so far from any hospital. Going into shock really feels bad by the way. Any way...... two months in the hospital, numerous surgeries, not walking for two years, rehab for years and I still have my leg. Doesn't work real well but at least I still have it! And I still shoot!
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