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Originally Posted by SPEMack618
For instance, it makes since that the Border Patrol would issue Berettas and HKs because I can believe they devote more time to firearms training whereas the FBI ...
It might make sense except it doesn't hold up to even minimal scrutiny. FBI pistol training standards are more stringent than USBPS. What you (want to) believe does not enter into the equation.

I'd like to be clear that I am not a Glock fanboi. They aren't even my favorite guns. However, it staggers the imagination to call Glocks "lowest common denominator" ... just doesn't make sense given their popularity with a whole range of people who have sufficient experience to know better, and who get to choose whatever they want.

More to the point of the OP: The US military has an ongoing love affair with manual safeties, DA/SA triggers and hammer-fired pistols. This probably has more to do with tradition and misguided notions of safety than anything else. You won't see a hammer-fired Glock with a manual safety and a true DA-style 11lb first pull anywhere in your future ... so they are out of the running until the brass recognizes that the current standards are wacky.

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