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Originally Posted by Fishbed77 View Post
Likewise, my brother owns a full-size SR9. It has been 100% reliable, is quite accurate, has a pretty decent trigger for a Glock-style action, and has pretty good ergos to boot. He loves it. The fit & finish is not to the level of a Walther or H&K, but the SR-series pistols are every bit as good as a Glock or M&P when it comes to quality, durability, or reliability (maybe better, when you consider the problems with Gen 4 Glocks).

The only thing you can really fault about the pistol are some of its "saftey" features that everyone might not be fond of - the magazine disconnect, massive LCI, and thumb safety. But those are just items of personal preference.
Yeah, I wish Ruger made the safety features optional like on Smith's M&P. But we read a case in law school where Ruger lost a huge lawsuit because some moron shot himself, so I understand their position.
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