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In .38 Special, if you can finmd a good old Colt Officers Model Special, or officers Model Target, or Officers Model Match. These were wonderful old Colt target revolvers and extremely pleasant to shoot. They were also made in .22 L.R. and .22 WRF, though the .22 WRF mmunition is very hard to find. They were a little oversized as .22s except for paper target shooting.

And, from my standpoint, a good Single Action .22 rimfire, Ruger Single Six, Bearcat, or Uberti Stallion. Just for the fun of a .22 SA revovler. Available as convertibles with .22 WMR (Magnum) they are good squirrel guns.

Any petite .22 handgun, pistol or revolver, is always a pleasant thing to have handy.

Bob Wright
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