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But what I have quickly learned is that the guns are the smallest cost of ownership. We go back and forth on whether to spend $450, $600 or more on the guns, only to turn around and spend $300 on the ammo. Add in the $30 for the range fees each time, the cost of the targets, and next thing you know you've spent much more than the cost of the gun on all of the supplies needed to enjoy it!
You catch on quickly, Grasshoppah!

The answer, of course, is to handload.

A Lee handpress kit, priming tool and carbide die set cost less than 100 bucks, will fit in a shoe box, and cut your ammo costs in half.

My brother loaded several thousnand rounds of 9mm practice ammo the first year he had his sR9c on a hand press kit...... now he has a bench and loads for his rifles, too.......

You will not save any money doing this, but you will shoot a whole lot more ...... probably get a gun club membership .... buy more guns, take up competition shooting of one flavor or another ..... for the same money you spent on factory ammo.
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