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I just bought a LNL Ammo Plant, that's the AP Press, with the case feeder, and the bullet feeder. I have not installed the bullet feeder yet. I want to get a feel for the press before I take away another station to see and observe. I had the same issue with the primer ram as mentioned above. Broke the little plastc bracket, and they're mailing me a new one now. I can hand prime. I have a love-hate relationship with that case feeder. The window it works is small. The window it works WELL is even smaller.

When you drill your holes, if you're going to get the case feeder eventually, you end up changing the bracket that goes on the left side of the press with one that goes on the left side and UNDER the whole press. This new bracket has a location you screw the guide/activation rod for the case feeder. Using the holes from the first bracket (which I then had to remove and replace 15 minutes later when I got to the case feeder step and realized I just waited 15 minutes ) the bottom of that rod sits in two nuts. Yeah, and rod with two nuts underneath... and you adjust the travel of the case feeder ram by playing with it's nuts. By now you can probably guess what I call the guy who designed this...

When it works it's a dream. When it mostly works, it's maddening trying to decide if it's worth it to make that last small adjustment.
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