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Okay, next question, on my Series 80 gun, thee woul no way then to jus replace the actual trigger without affecting travel, lenght of pull,
I wouldn't say that there's no way. There's a good chance that nothing would change...or at least not enough to make a difference in the function of the Series 80 system. Travel and length of pull? I seriously doubt if there would be enough difference for you to be able to detect it unless you use the overtravel screw...and that would only have an effect on the travel after the break.

However...The overtravel screw can affect proper Series 80 function. If you use it, be sure and check the height that the plunger lever reaches as outlined.

Or...pretravel tabs available on some aftermarket triggers would affect the take-up. Careful with that, too or you can get hammer followdown to half-cock.
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