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Baba- If you wear bi-focals, then a conventionally mounted scope would cause prolems in that you'd need to have the "near focus" part in the top 1/2 of the lens, no?

With a pistol scope, the ocular lens is out there 12-16 inches .... I have never worn bifocals, but i have seen folks that wear them hold reading material out that far......

2-4X is plenty of help for older eyes to put antlers on a deer at 30/30 ranges. If you need more, than how can you tell the difference between a large dog and a doe back east?

As for
"I was delighted by its handling"
..... putting a large scope on levergun will really change it's handling, especially if it is mounted on high rings ..... carring the gun "at the balance", the scope bell hits your arm .....

This is her set-up .... we had to raise the comb height 3/8", but now when you bring the gun to your shoulder and your face to the stock with both eyes on the target, the crosshairs just magically appear on the target ..... it's a good enough system that she can hit a running deer, even though the only moving target practice she had was a single season on the Jr. high trap team....
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