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I just ordered some today and dealer is the same as a standard black version- for those who are into US Spec Ops history a FDE 3rd Gen G22 was specified and purchased by an elite US Army special missions unit- up until now they were the only FDE Glocks ever made

Based on that and the desirability of the OD Green frame Glocks now it would be a wise move to get at least one while they last

I have one each G17 and G22 in Gen 3 and 4 on the way

Be safe

As far as why 40 Glock over the 45 ACP G21 my guess would be magazine capacity and overall size of the gun as two main reasons -the G22 is much easier to manage than a G21 which is a big pistol- why they chose 40 over 9mm your guess is as good as mine; I didn't agree with it then and I don't agree with it now

Be safe


Here are another couple of quotes from LAV.

Being that he is very closely associated with Delta, I would make the leap of intuition, that he is referring to their adoption of the G22. Not some other units usage.

I am no longer participating in gun forums.

Good luck.
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