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Originally Posted by zukiphile View Post
I would say that a $200 price is a deterent that changes the value and size of a market, but it can't be prohibitive since many people continue to buy NFA items.

I do think that deterent is bad policy. Someone noted in this section not to long ago the prospect of suppressors being classified as AOW so they could be purchased with a $5 stamp. I would welcome this as a matter of hearing safety and courtesy to neighbors. Yet, a stamp that costs me as much as four tanks of gasoline (just for perspective) isn't necessarily the stuff of a constitutional violation.
But realize that it's only $200 because it hasn't been changed in almost 80 years.

It was certainly a detergent at the 1934 equivalent of $3,200.

Its also a lot more complicated than plunking down $200 and going home with your silencer.

It takes months of time and is still illegal for common citizens in some places.

The complexity of paperwork, time and cost have limited competition too, making the cost of the actual silencers MUCH higher than would be the case in a free market.

Untaxed, unregulated silencers would be $50 and in every gun store if it weren't for the NFA, just like they are in many other countries.

The current cost of (roughly) $600-$1000 and 6 months wait is unarguably a detergent compared to $50, $75, even $500, and it's on the shelf at WalMart.
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