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My brother has a SW1911 (not an E-series), and it has been a source of constant frustration.

The main problem has been failures to go into battery. Two trips back to S&W and several replacemnt parts and magazines still haven't fixed the issue. Even after almost 2000 rounds of break-in, the problem still persists. There will be a failure every 50 rounds or so.

It's a shame, because otherwise, the SW1911 is a very nice-looking and accurate pistol, with a nice factory trigger. S&W's customer service always seems happy to help, but it's obvious they are not doing the testing to ensure reliability before sending the pistol back.

On the otherhand, my Colt Government XSE, which has a similar feature set to the SW1911, has been 100% reliable from day one. It cost about $250 more than the S&W, but it's worth every penny.

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