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Someone saying, "I can't comment" is proof of use?
The fact that he said "no comment" rather than saying, they aren't used by Delta Force lends as much credence to their being used as not being used.

I also know from my Armorer's course that the extended G22 magazine were created per the request of members of a well known SPEC-OPS Unit.

If you do a google search for Delta Force and Glock, you will see alot of references.

Since nothing that Delta does is public knowledge and the MTOE isn't available for public consumption, that comment from LAV is probably a close as you are going to get.

What weapon do you "know" they use?

Is this accurate? Who knows.

Delta Force have reportedly been known to use the Glock 22, a full-size pistol chambered in .40 S&W. Delta have a history of preferring .45s such as the venerable 1911, however it's rumored that some operators switched to Glock 22s as they were deemed more reliable in the sandy conditions the unit tends to operate in these days.
The SME involved in this discussion is also knowledgeable:

M4Guru (a Subject Matter Expert):

The Glock was chosen universally by the folks that are not tied to the Beretta, FWIW. Different procurement channels, same end results.

To quote LAV and Hackathorn (a pretty good couple of sources on handgun advice), "We live in a Glock world"
Yep, some Army folks get Glocks. I haven't carried a Beretta since 2004. The G19 is the most widespread but certainly not the only one.
Since none of it is public consumption, people have to "read between the lines". That might mean different things to different people.
I am no longer participating in gun forums.

Good luck.

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