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I have had an XCR for about five years now and I've put thousands of rounds out of it and I have never had a problem with the rifle. Only issue I had was one of my own making. I pulled the rifle completely apart, just to learn how to do it and the barrel shot loose because I did not torque the barrel down sufficiently. I torqued it down properly as to specs and have not had any further problems with it. I put about 50 rounds through it yesterday. I was ringing steel out to 350yds. In my humble opinion, the XCR is a robust, well executed , reliable design. I've handled all the rifles mentioned, but I've not had the chance to break them completely down to analyze them. They, as with most rifles, will function well if maintained properly. But, they will not do anything any better than your standard AR, while costing much more. If you just want the "cool" factor, then by all means buy one of the rifles. If you want an utterly reliable piston design, then buy one of the Barrett AR's or find a lightly used Daewoo K-2. You can get the Barrett for around the same price as the SCAR and ACR. You can occassionally find K-2's on Gunbroker for about the price of a decent AR, but spare parts are expensive. I have yet to need a spare part for my K-2. As to the weapons mentioned, I'd choose the Sig, just because I would have money left over to get mags and ammo.
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