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Pardon me, Mr WVsig, but you should have time to cock the hammer when making a draw. Of course, it's easier to do with some guns than other (next to impossible for some) and if it's a double-action, there's no point anyway.

Techniques evolve over the years, too, partly because of fads and fashions, and partly for other reasons. The original method of carrying a 1911 .45 automatic was hammer down on a loaded chamber. That wasn't the only way but that's the way it was described in the manual. It's very easy to cock the hammer on a Colt .45 auto, too, at least I think it is. Not so easy on most other pistols, including the Commander models but the real problem with the Commander is getting the hammer down in the first place. On the other hand, some pistols are particularly easy to chamber a round but some are especially difficult. Suit yourself but don't shoot yourself.
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