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ATI version

Yup, I've put thousands of rounds through mine, it likes/feeds everything though I have had ignition problems with the Remington .22's. I finally broke the aluminum barrel bushing got on the phone with ATI and had a replacement steel bushing in the mail right away. Replaced the recoil buffer rubber at the same time. Note that the newer SIG imported GSG-1911's should already have the upgraded parts. One word of warning, recoil springs on some versions go in only one direction, reverse the spring and the gun will lock up, and when I say lock up I mean LOCK UP real good. The spring has a very slight taper, why it does, I have no clue, newer iterations are supposed to have an improved spring, I marked one end of mine with red paint. Get a second magazine, you'll thank me later.

Compared to the GSG the Chaippa looks and feels like a cheap cap pistol (cast pot metal), the Browning is nice but expensive and the Umarex "Colt" is less 1911 than the GSG but if Christmas came early I'd take one.

My Ruger Standard might be a bit more accurate, the 1911 is more fun to shoot, both shoot better than I can!
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