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I will try to steer this back to guns, if at all possible.

What they actually teach in business schools is that "the goal of every employee is to increase the wealth of the residual owner(s)." There is a certain amount of myth to that and it isn't the stated goal of the organization (it's the goal of the employee). So in a sense, the purpose of the individual is to serve the corporation. Does that sound great or what?

In reality, it is only close. Real life is more complicated. Life may have been more just during feudal times, perhaps, but that's only a guess. Most people during feudal times were serfs, so I must take the viewpoint of the serf, although I won't get into that. They didn't have guns.

One of the realities, which you may know if you own any stock (I recommend it but none in particular--that would be telling), is that the corporation generally enriches the officers more than the owners. The real gold is in professional partnerships. Be a stockbroker if you can manage it. Ultimately, however, a corporation's goals is simply to stay in business and that's difficult enough.

By the way, there are claims that coal mining is not particularly dangerous. Any accidents that (literally) befall a miner is probably his own fault. And I'm from the coal fields.

Government is not self-created or self-appointed. A group of citizens (or non-citizens, even) get together and agree to do things. They write down rules. The first one, as taught in school, was the Mayflower Compact. It pretty much still works that way. And that's why there is gun control. Not because government is afraid of the citizens but rather because citizens are afraid of each other, which I imagine is why some are against gun control.
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