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Taking velocity on my two guns has told me the 20 inch definitely shoots faster than the 24. On a Rossi, the 24 inch gun has a very heavy and not tapered barrel. Its OK for shooting at the range, but like I said, I prefer the 20 inch Marlin for hunting. Very handy and fast. If I seemed down on the Rossi, I think its only because it did take me some time to get it whipped into shape. Some folks would have given up on it sooner. Its a real shooter now.

I also load higher pressure loads for hunting. However, when throwing large chunks of lead, there is a law of diminishing returns. If Paco claims he has taken his gun to 50,000 CUP, and the Marlin to 40,000 CUP, I don't doubt him. He has also been known to load a bit beyond where most others wouldn't dare to tread. I do load my 45 colts up, but more along the 30,000 CUP Ruger load levels.

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