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Got alot done over the long weekend... finished my loading bench ( well still need to get the stainless bench top yet ) but used 2 layers thick of 3/4" plywood glued & screwed bench is 60" x 30" has my drawer sections under one end... I did get my sump pump installed ( it's under my bench, along with the dehumidifier... I was getting tired of bailing the dehumidifyer water out anyway, & now that the bench covers the sump pit, it was time to spend the money on a pump ) there are 2 - 12" shelves over the top of the bench... got a couple coats of urethane on the walls behind the shelves, & started moving my loading dies to the safe / room... also added a small shelf stereo ( I was using my MP-3 player & a battery powered speaker... & was going through too many batteries )

also built a 2nd corner ammo storage bench... this unit will house the ammo for my lever action rifles, single action revolvers, & CAS double barrel shot guns, which will be on racks over this bench section... this pretty much finishes the "construction" of this room... I still have alot of calking & urethane to do yet, as well as trimming, & most all of the ceiling ( which is still pretty much all foam )

at this point, I'll mention, there is a 2nd room, which is to be hidden, when I get the door / cabinet completed... total space is 10' X 22' with a devider wall that helps support the 3 I beams... so I've been working on getting the back room insulated, & the steel framed for the door between the rooms... I'll still be using the Hackberry paneling in the back room, which will be used primarily for bullet casting, reloading component storage ( there are 2 more inlet / exhaust fans in that room, as well as another sump pump pit ) as well as housing other emergency supplys... ( not "doomsday" prepping, just emergency prepping ) so there are "some" guns ( antique collectables, & some shotgun collections that my FIL had collected ) that won't fit in the front room, plus I've allowed space to put down the ammo storage bench padded covers as a bed, if needed ( tornados during the night, etc. ) plus several shelves for emergency supplies... so far I don't have any wood on the walls in the back room, but I do have the wiring completed, & a good portion of the treated 1" X 4" on the walls, so paneling will start going up soon, since the front room's walls are now complete, except for some trimming around the devider wall doorway
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