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There are two little NAA pistols that have caught my eye recently; the NAA-32NAA and the smaller NAA-25NAA
The first runs 380 brass necked down to a 32, and the second runs 32 brass necked down to 25.
If you like the idea of a smaller bullet moving faster, the same concept as the very potent 357sig, these might be for you.

NAA is pretty forthcoming with the ballistics info there and Corbon appears to be the sole ammo manufacturer, so I'd expect those numbers to hold constant.
The limited source of ammo isnt appealing, but its not a high round count pistol, so ordering a few boxes online seems easy enough, and theyre just a few bucks more than 380.

Too bad the tiny pistols are heavier than a LCP and almost as heavy as a PM9.

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