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First off, I too am not a fan of baiting deer, but where it is legal, if others want to do it, than go for it. Secondly, I see no difference between the planting of food plots specifically to attract deer to an area to be shot than dumping a pail of the same grain on the ground in front of a stand. 120 acres is a small parcel, even in Wisconsin and hard to believe it would be a sanctuary for 12 bucks with 20'' or more spreads, so in reality, the majority of those bucks lived somewhere else anyway. Having 3 hunters pressure the parcel the week before gun season would have more effect on mature deer activity than a few pails of corn across the fence. Like Sure Shot Mc Gee, I think the bucks got caught chasing hot does somewhere else this season and were shot before they made it back to your parcel. Neighbors may have changed their stands from the previous year and cut you off. If you are certain the neighbors were violating than whether or not to turn them in is up to you. Unfortunately, many times relationships between neighbors have been severely soured because of deer hunting and all concerned suffer. Part of deer hunting is coming home empty handed once in a while. Sounds like you've had good luck in the past and odds are you will again in the future. Cherish the fact you have a nice place to hunt and the opportunity to enjoy it.
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