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45-70 Springfield performance question

As perhaps you might assume, I am going to have to make myself a lot smarter about the capabilities of the 45-70 Springfield.

Can one of you experts help here?

What I am interested in (at this point) is what kind of accuracy can be expected at 100 yards using an original barrel in perfect condition with 70 gr. of black powder and a home cast bullet when the cartridge is loaded by an expert at reloading 45-70 for accuracy.

I see this situation as being optimal. My situation will clearly be at a lower level of performance because:

1. The barrel is not perfect.
2. The casting will not be perfect.
3. The load will not be perfect.
4. I am a lousey shot.

Armed with the information I am seeking, I intend to determine:

1. How well the rifle shoots
2. How well my rounds shoot
3. How well I shoot (I have not shot a rifle since the Navy in about 1993.)

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