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Originally Posted by Brian Pfleuger
"They exclude firearms companies. They do not exclude anti-gun companies. That is not neutral.

If I exclude no one, I am neutral. If I exclude women and not men, I am not neutral.

It doesn't matter how many ways you can say it.

If you can choose A and B and you choose both or neither, you are neutral. If you exclude one and not the other, you are not neutral.

That's logic. Exclusion of one party over another is not neutral.

You are inserting intent in their words where there is none. There is NO MENTION of anti-gun companies. The Brady Bunch is not a "firearms company". That's just silly.

It's obvious what they should do. If they want to be neutral, they accept donations from gun companies AND anti-gun companies.

They don't exclude both. They don't accept both. Either of those choices would be neutral. Excluding one without the other is the exact OPPOSITE of neutral."
If a "gun company" makes "guns", what is an "anti-gun company" make? "Anti-guns"? What sort of object is an "anti-gun"?

For the WWP to be neutral by not taking support from gun companies, they'd have to take no support from non-gun companies, not anti-gun companies, and there goes corporate sponsorship altogether.

"Non-" and "anti-" are not the same unless the illogical "Either with us or against us" is the rule, as it is here. If "non-gun" is the same as "anti-gun", every company that doesn't make guns is anti-gun and that's simply and clearly not true.

If the WWP wishes to remain uninvolved in the gun debate but still take corporate sponsorships, they can't accept support from gun companies because there are no companies that make "anti-guns" that they can take support from to remain neutral.

Said differently the WWP is gun-neutral because they already are not taking anything from anti-gun companies and never will because there are no such things to seek support from. For them to be neutral by taking all sides of the gun issue in this arena (corporate sponsorship), they'd have to create a company that makes anti-guns and then state that they take no support from it.

By taking gun company support they have taken sides in the gun debate and they don't want to do that because it would limit the support they get from people who are anti-gun, and anyway guns aren't WWP's mission, wounded vets are.

I don't see anyone on WWP's list of the corporations they are linked to that makes something else and is concurrently anti-gun. WWP has taken no visible support from other non-profits of any sort, has no link to the NRA or the Brady Bunch or any other sort of gun-related organization. If that's not neutral, then what is it?

Not choosing either side is the only way to remain neutral. WWP has no link to guns whatsoever, they are not pro-gun or anti-gun; that debate has 2 sides and the WWP has taken neither. That's neutral.

"If you aren't with us then you are against us" with a lot of illogical argument to deny a third possibility - "you are indifferent to us", that is, "you do us no good or harm by officially ignoring us". In short, "you are neutral".

The WWP is neutral on guns, and that's what's wrong with them here. Why not have the integrity to admit that not taking our side in the gun debate and accepting what it would cost in lost income is more important than supporting wounded veterans, which everyone believes the WWP does very well.
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