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If you reload, get a .44 mag. If you don't reload, start reloading with the money you would spend on a new gun and then buy a .44 mag.

I would buy an older Smith and Wesson as they typically can be had for around 60% of the cost of a new one. Loaded down to .44 Special velocities it is a very pleasant round to shoot and super accurate in the right gun. Loaded up they are still very accurate and of course they make a dandy hunting companion or even a primary hunting arm.

I recently bought this 629-4 Classic DX with all the original accessories and the box for $600. This thing is as accurate as a rifle out to 50 yards and beyond.

A couple of months before that I found this 1959 vintage Model 29 for $600 also. Even though it has a shorter barrel than the 629, it is still a better shooter than I am.
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