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Count your Blessings. It sounds like you have raised a great daughter. I tend to side with those who believe proficiency and comfort trump caliber size. Like many have said before me; "It's better to have the .380 in your pocket, than the 105 mm howitzer left at home." I don't own a .380 yet, but still believe it is a great round for a concealed carry pistol, where small size and light weight are so important. I mostly carry an early 80s S&W Mod 60. But if my wife were to buy me, say a Ruger LCP for Christmas, I probably would carry it as often, if not more so, than my S&W .38 special. Both rounds have a proven track record and I would feel confident that either would be sufficient for self-defense against the typical two legged predator. Heck, I might even carry both at the same time.

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