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Well, if I was limited to his unknown person's shooting ability I'd probably say the same thing too
The person I was quoting in my post is one of the most talented shooters I've ever met. We work together at a gun shop/range/training facility and he is better than any of the professional instructors we have. He works the retail side because he knows more about guns than anyone else on staff and he's a good salesman and an experienced gunsmith. Recently I found out that he's friends with Massad Ayoob and has taken many of his LFI courses. He's even beaten Ayoob several times in straight-up competition. I'll admit, I'm a little in awe of the guy, but I've shot next to him at our range and I've seen how good he is.

But even if the guy I quoted couldn't shoot at all, how is what he said in any way incorrect?
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