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Im fairly set on the mil spec springfield now, not just because of springfield quality and customer service but also they come with a nice case, holster, two mags and the works which some of the others do not.
If you plan on shooting it much then you're going to find out in a hurry that the sights on the GI models like the mil-spec are pretty bad, and upgrading them is a pretty substantial undertaking. For how much you're talking the RIA or Armscorp 1911's are a lot more gun for the price, especially given features like a high ride beaver tail and much better Novak-style sights with a dovetail that allows a lot of aftermarket options. If you're sold on a Springer then I'd look at stepping up to something like the Loaded or Range Officer to at least get into a better sight setup. That alone is worth the extra cost IMO, or if you want to stay in your price range then I'd give another look at something like a RIA or Remington.
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